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I'm Eric Wouwenberg from the Netherlands. I'm breeding different species of the genus Liasis or formely Liasis. Like the genus Antaresia.

I'm also keeping and breeding Aspidites ramsayi and Aspidites melanocephalus.


If you are interested to buy a offspring from my breeding please look at “available”, there you`ll find what I can offer to you.


Enjoy, and if you have any question. Do not hesitate to contact me. I'll answer all e-mails fast as possible.




Eric Wouwenberg


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The first cltches started to hatch this season. The childreni layed 11 good eggs and 11 nice little critters, the het. granite maculosa layed 15 eggs with an very nice result off 3 granite and 12 possible het for granite. And the last clutch thats waiting for is from my Aspidites ramsayi. I'm expecting that they hatch in the first week of July.

The youngs will be available after the eat well.


It was an breeding seasons with ups and downs. Got clutches from the childreni with 100% hatch ratio. The sad thing was that the orientalis laid an clutch of 9 unfertilized eggs.

The big surpise of this season was that the het for granite maculosa laid 9 good eggs. And the odds war good for me. 3 nice granite where hatched after 50 days.














In 2014 I breed with Antaresia childreni.

The first childreni laid on 30 march 1 good egg and 6 slugs. After an incubation period of 60 days I cut the one and only good egg and found an full grown but dead young in. Hopefully next year better.

The second childreni female laid on 07 april 3 good eggs and 7 slugs. After an incubation period of 49 days the first head was show. On day later al the three youngs were out of the egg.




The reason why I provide only limited information on my website about Australian pythons, their biology and the keeping and breeding of them, is that many good publications on this subject are available. The following books, which I have on my bookshelves, are highly recommended to those who would like to go into Australian pythons.




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